Michael mann’s crime/thriller ‘Tokyo vice’, coming soon to hbo

Tokyo Vice is an upcoming crime series set to premiere on HBO Max. The production was halted in Japan since late March due to the worldwide pandemic. The series is directed by Michael Mann, the mastermind behind Heat (1995), Collateral (2004) and Miami Vice (2006). The legendary director famously spent several years obtaining his Master’s degree in Cinema from the London Film School. The series is also directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, who recently directed the feature drama, Just Mercy (2019). Season 1 of the series is slated at 10 episodes and stars Ken Watanabe (The Last Sumarai, 2003) as well as Ansel Elgort (Baby Driver, 2017)

Tokyo Vice is based on the 2009 memoir by Jake Adelstein in an enthralling true story about an American reporter in Japan who becomes involved with a crime lord. In a recent article by Vulture, Michael Mann said “I had shot about a third of the Tokyo Vice pilot in Tokyo when we stopped production and everybody returned to the states around March 18–19. It was a shock to return to LAX, because probably 70 percent of the people on the street in Tokyo were wearing masks.” He went on to further explain that he’s been editing certain scenes at home with an assistant. “It’s myself and, initially, an editor in Tokyo, and then myself and an editor here. It’s a fascinating, fascinating project, and Tokyo is spectacular; I still have an apartment there, so hopefully we’ll resume sometime. Working with Ansel Elgort has been fantastic, and I think everybody’s excited about the show.” Tokyo Vice is distributed by HBO Max and produced by Endeavor Content.

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