Ho Ho Ho: To Each his own Christmas; Yippie ki-yay

On Christmas day, we get down on one knee, and fall prostrate, putting presents underneath a tree. We get down on one knee, fall prostrate, and worship a tree. We worship a tree. Is that not what we are doing? Falling down on one knee, and, placing presents, underneath a tree? And giving that tree, which is, without a doubt, a representation of life and Gods creation in nature, but, are we not giving that tree power? The tree is dead, by the way, for, we pulled it from its roots and chopped it down. The tree is dying. It has no life. It is dead, for, we killed it. We are now, giving power to, a dead tree, by bowing down to it and placing presents underneath it. Some place a cross at the top, representing Jesus’ crucifixion, some place an Angel, perhaps, representing Gabriel or Michael. We must ask ourselves, who is more powerful than any of Gods prophets or messengers and all of the angels combined? We know the answer is God and God alone. God is almighty, master of the universe. Perhaps, instead of getting down on one knee, perpetually, and placing presents underneath the dead tree that we killed, we will remember that there is only one God and God is the greatest, and we will instead worship him at church on Christmas day, as opposed to, watching “Home Alone” re-runs and watching the children play with toys, in front of, the dead tree of life that we killed.

The holiday of Christmas is wonderful. Christmas if fantastic. It’s beautiful…the Christmas trees, the green and red lights, the snow, the rain, the cold winter, the crisp air breathed in though our nostrils, into our diaphragm and exhaled through our mouths, the “chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” The egg nog, the milk and cookies, Santa Claus, the lights around the tree, the lights around our homes, the shopping malls, consumers purchasing gifts for their loved ones, retail store businesses flourishing, television programs and advertisements all filled with wonderful commercials and shows promoting the holiday, human kindness spreading for the love of Jesus. The fantastic glee on a child’s expression, when, Santa, or, the parent’s family has blessed them with presents wrapped impeccably in exquisite wrapping paper, topped with flawless ribbons and bows, like the chocolate icing on a German chocolate cake (which is not German cake, but, named after Sam German who was an Irish/American). Bow businesses flourishing. Ribbon business flourishing. Gift wrap paper businesses flourishing. Christmas tree business flourishing. Supermarkets flourishing. Christmas is great for the economy and is phenomenal eye candy.

The Sticky Bandits (Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern) in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Then, there is a Christmas many of us do not see, and, those of us who are fortunate enough, to volunteer and/or have been in a situation where, absolutely none of the above mentioned is prevalent at one point or another in their lives, have experience, the real Christmas, where we, the blessed and fortunate, take the time to go out and volunteer, by helping the needy and the poor with a present, or food, or cooking for the hungry, building homes for the homeless, and taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Whether through a church, a volunteer organization, the local city group that specializes in volunteer work during the holidays, regardless of an organization or a church, the real Christmas is not a commercialization through media and advertisements. Which is beautiful in its own right, and the media is a driving powerhouse so, people do what they do, best.

Or maybe, there was a Christmas where we were incredibly alone. Either we, sulk in our sorrow that, there’s no dead tree for us to worship, no John McClane and Die Hard on television to remind us of the tree that Died Hard. And above all, no Santa. How sad. Perhaps, we are grateful in our time of loneliness during Christmas and realize Psalms 23 and Isaiah 41:10 of the Holy Bible; God is with us, always. God is not a dead tree with lights around it, and, presents being worshipped underneath a dead tree and, frequent visits to the refrigerator for…egg nog…while…watching Bruce Willis murder German terrorists. Yippie kay ay.

Is not, the real Christmas, to remember, that, we are all one, and, must help one another, through food, shelter, gifts and above all…love? The real Christmas isn’t turning off the TV or deciding not to get a tree and get our loved ones presents; that’s all beautiful and fine. So long as, we don’t inadvertently neglect to read a verse from the Holy Bible on Christmas day and/or go to Church. Perhaps, then, we might fall prostrate to God and remember him in our hearts before we fall prey to the commercialism and…worshipping…none other than…a dead tree…that we killed.

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